The testimonies left here by some of our clients refer essentially to the behavior and actions of TRAÇO ALTERNATIVO as a company that provides services in the area of architecture and rehabilitation.

Thanks to all those who contributed, who praised our professionalism, recommended our servicesand left words of appreciation that honor us a lot and motivate us to keep up with the good work.


                                                                              (Dr. Antonio Vale)


"Traço Alternativo is a professional and dedicated team, focused on the client but without compromising their principles.

Willingness to listen to the desires of the final client, but with the ability to argue to fight for their ideas.

They present the client with innovative yet functional and timeless solutions.

The construction of the building will start now but the project was thought to the detail so it is possible to anticipate the final result and I think it will look fantastic.

I recommend the services provided by Traço fundamentally for the quality of their ideas, the ability to listen to the real needs of the final client, the originality and timelessness of the proposals presented."


  (Ricardo Cibrão)


"In Traço Alternativo I found competent professionals focused on solutions. From the first contact I felt that I would work with a team concerned about giving answers to my needs and goals.

The solutions presented were appropriate to the purpose and the surrounding environment, with a great sense of functionality and budgetary adjustment.

I recommend the services provided by Traço because I am sure you would be in good hands."



(Dr. Miguel Barata)


"My opinion about the services provided by Traço Alternativo is very positive. Everything was done with extreme professionalism, from the first meeting to the presentation of the project and to the monitoring of the work.

The store where I intended to do the works had enough limitations and required some creativity on behalf of the architect, however, there was a great attention to the requirements created by the activity and the presented project focused on contemplating all these points, always paying attention to the functionality, space perspective, aesthetic sense, capacity for expansion and relation between price and quality.

The final result was very good, receiving numerous compliments from clients, business partners, family and friends.

The professionalism, the dedication, the friendliness and creativity of Traço Alternativo would certainly be more than enough reasons to recommend the services of Traço Alternativo."




(Eng. Pedro Rio) 
"I met Traço in 2009, with the intention of rehabilitating in the center of Porto. I was impressed by the ease and speed with which they were able to propose a solution completely aligned with our way of thinking and living.
I felt from the beginning a clear concern to ensure not only the functional program but also the visual comfort of the project.
The architects of Traço have made a personalized monitoring with the necessary dedication for the success of the project. I do not hesitate to recommend the services of Traço to anyone interested in a balanced architectural solution executed in an organized way."



(Bruno Braga)


"Regarding to the services provided by Traço Alternativo Arquitectos, the service was of maximum detail, demonstrating a huge competence for the proposed challenges and the available space.

It is also important to highlight the timings offered by Traço Alternativo, which were very positive. 
The solutions presented, according to the characteristics of the facilities, were very well achieved. It stands out for the functional aspect and aesthetic sense.
The final result of the work was in accordance with the intended and previously agreed with Traço Alternativo. It is also important to point out that they have always been helpful for last minute changes that have come up. I recommend the services of Traço Alternativo for the friendliness, competence, exigency and good taste."