House in Afurada | Oporto  (finished)

Apartament Brasil Avenue | Oporto (finished)

Boutique Hotel ODA | Oporto (in licensing)

Competition for the rehabilitation of the cine-theatre | Évora  (1st place)

Competition for the rehabilitation of the market | St.Tirso (2nd place)

Building in Rua Alegria | Oporto (under construction)

Apartament in Bessa Leite Street | Oporto   (finished)

House in Gamil | Barcelos (finished)

House in Soares Passos Street | Oporto (in project)

Building in S.Sebastião Street | Oporto (finished)

Hotel in Fontelo Farm | Barcelos (project)

Apartament in Campo Alegre | Oporto (finished)

Apartaments near the Cathedral | Oporto  (finished)

Building in Belmonte Street | Oporto (project)

Building in Condes Castro Street |  Esposende (under construction)

Building in Almada Street | Oporto (under construction)

Building in Vilar Street | Oporto (in project)

Apartment in Aldoar | Oporto  (finished)

"Parte o Prato" Restaurant | Oporto (finished)

House Dr.João Silva | Famalicão (project)

House in A. Aroso neighbourhood |  Oporto (licensed)

Hotel in Camões Street | Oporto (in project)

São Francisco nursing home | Oporto  (finished)

Nova Foz Bar | Oporto (project)